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Children express their needs and feelings through their behaviour. You may notice your child crying more, having angry outbursts, or avoiding school and social relationships. This is especially true for children who are gifted, have learning challenges, or struggle with sensorimotor issues. Children don’t usually sit and talk about these feelings therefore their therapy needs to be different. Our child therapists specialize in art, play, and sand tray therapy as well as EMDR and CBT specifically designed for kids.


Adolescence is a time of enormous change. Teenagers experience significant body and brain development, complex social relationships, increased responsibility, and begin a quest for their identity and purpose. Concerning behaviours may include withdrawal from social and family relationships, isolating, feeling anxious and overwhelmed, appearing sad or depressed, and talk of suicide.

Our team does what it takes to meet the needs of teenagers. Whether going for a walk, playing a game of chess, drawing or talking, we support teens and help them move towards becoming strong, confident young adults.


Telling your story, being heard, realizing your struggles are normal, brainstorming options and identifying next steps can make all the difference. It is possible to transform depression, anxiety, and isolation into passion, personal calm, and a sense of connection. Our therapists are experienced in supporting people change the way they live.

We have therapists trained in working with first responders and their families.



Relationships require work. They can be taxing and difficult and even at times painful. We lose sight of the love and passion that brought us together in the first place.

Sometimes our significant relationships need an overhaul – sometimes they simply need a tune-up.

Our couples therapists focus on improving communication, intimacy, and trust within your relationship in order for it to thrive. We offer couples counselling for all relationship concerns including pre-marital, new parents, cross-cultural, infidelity, separation & divorce.


Family brings out the best in us, and the worst. Whether we all live under the same roof or not, being family and keeping relationships healthy can be daunting.

We understand the power family has to shape us as individuals and impact our ability to have healthy relationships. Our therapists help families diffuse struggle and strife, communicate more effectively, and strengthen connections with each other.

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